Monday, 13 June 2011


I just uploaded my first ever video to youtube! Considering a year ago I used to hate technology I now feel quite proud of myself. Anyway... here it is, the final edit of my research video for my final degree project. Thanks again to all that helped produce it! You know who you are..


The dreaded time is upon us, I will be being assessed as of 9.25am on wednesday morning, so everyone wish me good luck and cross fingers for my last ever degree assessment :D very much looking forward to a well deserved break after this, Im just going to sit still all summer and not think of anything!

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all...

go and look at my Final Project blog to see what I've been up too, nearly finished now, assessments on Tuesday and Wednesday and then my degree will all be over :(

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Busy on the Comp

I have just been sat at the computer for about nine hours and haven't even got round to my blogging for the day :-O will post a sneaky peak of what I have been up to on my Final Major Project blog. Stay tuned for photos of completed work, sketches and plans for new promotional material tomorrow. Until then, good night followers :)  

Friday, 10 June 2011

My New Favorite Place

Reclamation yards...say no more.

This picture reminds me of the end of the video shoot i did  :)
 I have a love/hate reaction to this kind of thing.  

The Workshops

Well...have been super SUPER busy the last week transforming the workshops into gallery space for the summer show, the transformation has been amazing! Avery well done to all those making it happen, especially the AMAZING group of technicians we have at Plymouth College.

I've been getting properly stuck into cleaning windows, putting up supporting brackets, drilling exhibition boards, more cleaning and somewhere amongst it all I manage to finally finish all my practical work so yay me!  Following are a few snap shots I took today, so next time you see it, it will be full of beautiful work!

Sunday, 5 June 2011


I just went and bought myself a website :D Will be going online within the next few weeks, until then this no actual content on it, just a holding page, but the address will be....

Like I said it is currently inactive but has already been created thanks to much help and encouragement from Miss Johns, thanks for your help :D So stay tuned for the new and improved (and viral) Luce Rutter!!

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Final Project...

Follow the making of my final major project for my degree course on my new blog...

A house thats not there anymore...

Yet another beautiful building has been torn down in my local area. I managed to get some snaps before it was completely destroyed, may beautiful buildings forever live on in our memories...

This first picture is a brilliant example of what's capturing my attention when looking around derelict buildings...

And some originals:

I do love this picture, but I hate what it is. 


Not long ago I was approached by the AWESOME collective HGT. They were looking for new artists from across the board to work with them on an up and coming project at Volksfest in plymouth. Over the last few months we have been working together to create goods from arts and crafts to illustration and fine art to sell and display at the festival. We managed to pull it off this weekend, check out the photos...

Some of the things I made

Choosing ways to do things 

The Stall 

Kids Corner, featuring my handy work with some table cloths :) 

Above, Coz at the festival. Below, Coz's book. Featuring new artists, including myself :) 

Pulling in the crowds :D

Working collaboratively is definitely something I'd like to carry on exploring in the near future. I think everyone managed to sell some work including myself, and networking is proving to be a great way to promote each other. As mentioned above I have already been featured in a book and HGT are also featuring me on their website. So in return check out their blogs and webpages, they are a fantastic collaboration as well as a group of highly skilled individual and unique artists! So look out for this logo...

A massive well done to the team, Coz, Mankie, Mole, Dodd, Ali, Soph, Scotty and more for doin such a brilliant job this weekend! :D

Friday, 27 May 2011


HI !!!

I'm off to plymouth volksfest this weekend to sell hand made goodies and promote live drawing as part of the HGT collective!! Come show us your support if you're in the neighborhood! I will be updating the blog with photos over the weekend :D

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Long time no see...

Well I can safely say that I have never been as busy in the workshops as I have been this last month or so! The pressure is on and the end of my degree is looming. I have just realized that in no time at all these fantastic facilities will no longer be at my fingertips! So I've pretty much been living at college!!
   Watch this space for work in progress coming soon, and up and coming events to include...

HGT at Volskfest, 27th -30th May
 Plymouth College of Art Summer Show, 20th - 29th June....
New Designers!... 27th June- 2nd July

Will be updating blog regularly over the next couple of months so stay close!   

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Current work...

These images are some of the separate elements of my final degree piece. Inspired by derelict buildings, I want to create a broken stained glass window. The glass itself will be re-worked over and over, combining techniques of screen printing, laser engraving, fusing, painting and more. Also possibly to include blown glass work, manipulating the glass to look like stone using secret ingredients. These are just a few photographs are taken along the creative development module. All I need to do now is pull it off!  

Things I'm looking at...

I spend a lot of time on the internet looking for derelict spots in the area, I go and explore, photograph them and re-work the images on photoshop and illustrator for screen printing and laser cutting. More to follow soon...

I came across this dead bird whilst out with the dogs, I thought it was pretty awesome, so I took a picture :) 

Thursday, 24 February 2011