Monday, 5 March 2012

Long time away from the virtual world...

Hi all! Well its been quite awhile since I've been blogging. After three years of hard work I graduated from plymouth college of art with a 2:1

Not bad even if I do say so myself. So I've been having a much deserved break. I've found myself a job, a place to live and more importantly a place to make :)

I've been pretty disconnected from blogging and websites and making for the last six months and now (hopefully) I'm back with vengeance! Internet is up, not exactly running smoothly, but at least it will give me a small window of opportunity to keep you informed of what's going on in the world of Luce.

My time in a workshop environment has been cut down dramatically, from at least five days a week to one :( Its true when people say make the most of uni, you will never have facilities like that again! They were right, and I'm glad I listened to them!
    So now I'm on a quest to resource, beg, borrow and steal that kind of equipment from where ever and whomever I can. So far I have successfully managed to bag myself a workshop space every monday at the Stained Glass Studio in Bradford on Avon, run by Alan Spark.


Now all i need to do is locate a mig welder, anvil and a few other tools, and I think I have a lead.

Will soon post photos from degree show and new bits and bobs in the making, stay tuned...