Thursday, 24 February 2011

Location for shoot in February

Following are some pictures taken of the shoot and location.

Past work

Following are some photographs of old bits of work. These are really just bits and bobs I had made at the beginning of my course. I like to think I have progressed a lot since then. There will be more coming soon...

 Kiln formed plate: Blue 
(Available from Stained Glass Studios Bradford on Avon) 

Ceramic booby dolls

Ceramic Heads: 1of 2

Kiln formed plate: multicolored 

Ceramic slip casts 

Victorian style leaded window 

Inspirational videos

A few inspirational videos that got me started!

Slow motion video work

This is the first bit of footage I have had back since undertaking an experiment for my current project. I want to create a piece of stained glass that is, essentially, a snapshot moment in time when a rock comes flying through a window pane. We did a lot of prep for this, including location spotting, sourcing equipment and materials, planning and setting up! It was great fun and I can't wait to see more footage! Watch this space!

Before heading to the location we took some test footage of glass smashing just to see how the camera would handle it. check it out at the link below.


Hi there! My names Luce and I am currently studying glass at Plymouth College of Art (and Design). I've been working with glass for almost three years now and feel it's time to start putting myself out there. So this is my blog! Be patient. I'm new to this kind of thing! but I do hope to provide you with lots of photos, videos and updates of my work and what inspires me! Enjoy...